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We Speak API

We have the capability to seamlessly integrate JIIG-CAL Career Planning data with your existing IT applications by using an API – our newest enhancement to the product.

There is considerable international research showing that tertiary education outcomes are much improved through the use of high quality career planning systems. Using our API this can be done seamlessly at your website: link website visitors and future students to high quality career planning software and thence to your courses.

The API (application programming interface) is a set of requirements that govern how one application can talk to another, in this case how our internationally recognised career planning software can talk to your existing applications and exchange information to achieve a seamless process.

Integrate our career planning software and API without the need for manual data transfer.

Display JIIG-CAL Career Planning data within your IT applications!

API Scheme

WHY our API?

Personalised High Quality Website Content
Embedding proven career planning software adds great value to your website. Using email address we can link your website visitors to our career planning software. Then through realistic career planning, future students find their most suitable career pathways, which then can be linked to your most suitable courses.  Thus you can increase lead generation, conversions and student retention.

Attracting & retaining successful tertiary students
Seamlessly link future students’ data including realistic career plans with intended area of study.
With the right APIs you could be running a more holistic database that uses your website to qualify website visitors by linking email addresses to our career planning profiles. These profiles can then be checked against your internal applications to build a better understanding of who is engaged with the brand across the marketing touchpoints.

Providing API access allows for career planning content to be created and automatically published or made available to many applications. Career Planning outcomes are ready for easy sharing and redistribution to deliver directly to your other applications.

The API allows technology to handle the workload, which would otherwise require manual work, ie staff time. From the very beginning of online marketing process, until the last step, data can flow seamlessly.

It’s OK We Speak API!

As a career practitioner or marketing person you can benefit from our API without worrying about what they are or how they work. We can do that for you in cooperation with your IT team. Whether you want to use our career planning software for prospective students or for your current students, we can help!

If you’re still not sure:

Talk to us  about your business requirements and we can suggest opportunities.

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