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Trends & News February 2016

Career Voyage 2016 – High Five

With the release of mobile friendly Career Voyage 2016 you will have noticed a new look and feel with lots of new features. Amongst other things the new software is more flexible with greater capacity for us to customise and add further features.
So please give us your feedback which is significant for further development and improvements.

Here are some of the new features:

Ergo Cartoon
With the new look, Ergo cartoon character has appeared.  (Actually re-appeared, earlier times.) The intention is to add interest while staying on message. Actually the messages are consistent with past programs, but more engaging.

Introductory Animation to the Occupational Interest Guide
The new introductory text to the Occupational Interest Guide (OIG) is not so different from previous text. However it is designed to be more attention grabbing. Preliminary research tells us that this introduction actually reduces the incidence of DISLIKE and NOT MIND response styles. While high levels of “genuine” DISLIKE and NOT MIND responses need to be addressed by career advisers through discussion/counselling, response styles can be irritatingly non-productive.

Response Style Notification
Speaking of response styles, another related feature has been added. As Clients work through the Occupational Interest Guide (OIG), they will see pop-ups after screens 4 and 9 if they have answered more than 60% DISLIKE. Similarly for more than 60% NOT MIND. The pop-ups are designed to encourage a better balance between LIKE, NOT MIND and DISLIKE. Users are given 3 options, viz continue straight on (hopefully with better balance), return to the first OIG item, or return to Level choice. One of the main causes of DISLIKE response styles is inappropriate choice of Level.

Survey page
A survey page has been added purely for research purposes. Anything added on this page is not used by Career Voyage in generating individual reports and career suggestions. Research questions we are interested in include differences in profiles and job suggestions between males & females; city & regional; younger & older people; unemployed; etc. The page will be streamlined in the next release. In due course we will of share research findings with you, and additionally will be happy to supply breakdowns for your organisation if requested.

Theme Manager
Do you want to brand Career Voyage beyond the logo on the welcome page? Theme Manager facilities allow you to set up a Career Voyage colour presentation to be in line with your school/organisation promotion.
Contact us for Theme Manager activation.

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