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Trends&News May 2016

Stop After IG Information

We are pleased to advise that the “Stop after IG” feature in Career Voyage 2016 has been upgraded. Please have a look at it (Adviser login>Configuration) to ensure it is set up as you want. The default is ‘STOP ALL’. You have three options as follows.

  1. ALL Clients stopped after Profile screen. Adviser checks each Profile
    Stop after IG - 1 option
  2. Only Clients with message (to Advisers) stopped. Adviser checks Profile of each Client who has a MSG
    Stop after IG - 2 option
  3. No Client stopped. No need to check any Client Profile.
    Stop after IG - 3 option

Please DO NOT change the “STOP AFTER IG” feature while students are logged in to Career Voyage.

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