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Trends & News July 2013

Under-funding of Career Development in schools


A common cry we hear is that career development work is under-funded compared to other activities (some of which seem of questionable long term value). That seems rather strange, given that families (and individuals) put great store on good career outcomes. And of course one component of obtaining suitable and satisfying jobs is appropriate career planning. Occasionally that even finds its way into the popular press.

For example have you read the article: Careers advice system failing Australian schoolchildren, says National Centre for Vocational Education and Research study (Ben Pike, Careerone, National Deputy Editor, From: News Limited Network, June 30, 2013).

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Is the careers advice system failing Australian schoolchildren?

Managing Directors Message

One of our biggest recent projects has been development of a new edition of Career Voyage, launched at the end of January. Amongst other features Career Voyage 2013 provides for mobile devices such as iPads. It is also faster, and is better able to cope with slow user modems (a past problem felt by poorly resourced organisations). Additionally there are a number of new features and functionality, many of which are in response to feedback from career practitioners. We’ve referred to some of these below. Please keep suggestions rolling in. We also appreciate your general comments and feedback.


Web Access Career Voyage continues to be popular, with more organisations and users switching to it from locally installed software (LAN & workstation installations). Web Access has lots of advantages, including no IT issues at your end, no installation or maintenance. Regular updates and other maintenance issues are taken care of by us. And of course the program is accessible from anywhere and anytime. So if your session with clients/students is out of time and someone needs to do more work, s/he can do it from home, the library, or anywhere.

Introduction of Career Voyage for mobile devices has been very smooth with no IT bugs or problems, which is a great achievement by our software development team. Access from mobile devices is easy. Already, in the past few months over 8,500 users have logged in from mobile devices.

Every good wish to you and your clients for the semester ahead. Please remember to drop us a line or two to let us know how your careers work is going.

Bob Bredemeyer
Managing Director
JIIG-CAL Australia

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