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Privacy policy

JIIG-CAL Australia needs to store identifying information so that you can log back into your secure account any time. We only store information related to the products that either you, your school/organisation, or careers adviser have signed you up for. This may include such information as your full name, username, password and an email address.

We also store information related to your interests, likes, disklikes, health and physical welbeing depending on which features of the software you elect to use.

We will never divulge, forward, share or pass on to any third party any information related to your account. From time to time JIIG-CAL Australia will perform certain data mining activities that allow us to generate and analyse statistics relating to overall general interest and job preferences and trends. This information will never be linked with personal information that can identify you. The resultant data may be shared with our customers and other 3rd parties. We will however, never sell or pass on your email address or other personally identifying information to any party.

As a user of any JIIG-CAL Product you have the right to request a copy of all information held in our system through an authorised customer contact – recognised by JIIG-CAL Australia. We are unable however to pass on information direct to individuals, unless they have signed up and paid for the said service themselves independently of an organisational group or service. Information will otherwise only be divulged to a person such as an authorised careers adviser.

For further information about our privacy policy, the data we hold, how to access it, or to request it be deleted from our servers, please contact JIIG-CAL Australia directly.

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