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Trends& News October 2015

Career Voyage 2016 release

ForPagePlanning for 2016 is underway and we are very pleased to foreshadow the new Career Voyage release!
Here are some important new features:
• New Career Voyage will be mobile friendly (Are we surprised be recent research showing 17.2 million Australians – ie 72% of us – now own smartphones)
Ergo2This is Ergo, a new Career Voyage character. Ergo will accompany and inform your clients/students on their way through Career Voyage
• New appealing design
• New facilities to support students/clients experiencing Dislike/Don’t Mind Response Styles (tendency to respond in a certain way regardless of the questions, eg “DISLIKE”)
• Extra functionality support and clarity for career advisers in using adviser mode
We are not going to finish here!
Times and technology are changing rapidly, and we are too. We will take online career guidance to the next level, adding more features into Career Voyage throughout 2016 and 2017. Amongst other things we will add an e-Portal, and keep you informed as functions and facilities develop.

We are very exited about the new release as we believe that new features will contribute toward your objectives.
We love feedback! It helps to keep us informed about your issues, and ensure Career Voyage meets changing needs.

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