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Come Back Again

Come back

So many people leave career planning in life’s bottom shelf … until they need to make some critical decisions.

School subject choices (badly done can lead down a weed-filled garden path), post-school courses, job applications … Suddenly imperative career decision-making jumps out at you.

And suddenly, under pressure, is not the best way to do career planning. Adequate career planning isn’t an event. It’s a process, best started in formative years, and revisited at regular intervals.

It’s ironic that some people spend days and weeks planning holidays, but precious little on career plans which will affect their entire careers.

Economist Neil Howe says that only 5% of people pick the right job on the first try. Users of JIIG-CAL software (Career Voyage and Career Compass) create their personal career planning accounts. Once that’s done they are encouraged to come back again, and again (free of charge). That’s the way career planning should evolve. Career plans need careful consideration, supportive processes, and revising from time to time.

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