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Football & Ballet

Football & Ballet

What do they have in common?
A lot more than you may think!

AFL football and ballet haven’t traditionally had much in common, but as players look to extreme measures to shake off persistent injuries, ballet is being used to help save some football careers.» Read More

Planning a Career in the Tech Industry?

Planning a Career in the Tech Industry?

The technology sector is progressing at such a rapid pace that it can be difficult for those in the

business world to keep up. However, the industry is worth trillions if one combines the worth of its top companies (Apple, Alphabet, Amazon, Facebook, and Microsoft). Add this to the excitement of working in an industry standing at the frontiers of innovation, and it is no surprise that many young professionals aim to pursue careers related to tech. But considering how demanding the digital world can be, taking on such career path may require plenty of mental preparation.

First of all, it’s important to accept that change will be constant, especially in this industry. Certain jobs are already threatened by automation, and many employees think of switching gears because of the changing technologies that require different skills. Deloitte points out that a lack of » Read More

Anxiety & Career Planning

“How can I make future plans when I feel so anxious?”

That’s a dilemma faced by many people. To make it worse, lack of career plans often increase anxiety, thus leading to a downward spiral.

Don’t slide into negativity. You’re better than that! Start taking realistic action now.

Here are helpful tips about how to turn your situation around leading to a happier, healthier and more successful life.

Towards the end of this blog are useful links and resources. First however, let’s check some simple strategies you can adopt to reduce anxiety while doing good things for yourself.

Schedule a daily time slot where you can relax and engage your brain with things you really enjoy.

For example:

  • Take daily time out for exercise, walking, team games
  • Get out and about in fresh air and sunshine. Time spent in the natural environment is healthy, relaxing and improves productivity
  • Join a
» Read More


“Follow your passion!”

“Dream the dream and never work another day in your life!”

Really? Is that a great idea? Is career planning that simple?

Well, actually … no.

“Think positive.” “Follow your passion!” “Do what you love and you’ll never work another day in your life.”

We’ve all heard these sayings many times. But is it good advice? Are you setting yourself up for flying success, or a down-to-earth bump, or indeed a hard road ahead?

And the answer is: it all depends.

If you’re a Roger Federer, a Taylor Swift or a Steve Jobs at the top of your game, why change anything? Follow your passion is excellent advice.

On the other hand (& regrettably) we’re not all able to operate at elite levels. And like many of us, maybe you are yet to discover your passions and how they might relate to the world of work.

What » Read More


We are pleased to announce that we will soon release a new JIIG-CAL Portal with lots of new features, functions and resources.

Within the portal, Career Voyage and Career Compass will be as easy to access as always.

Additionally there will be new career tools, resources and flexible ways of working.

Here are some of the things to be offered:

  • Portfolio which enables easy storing of reports, resumes, academic results, in fact anything related to career planning
  • when authorised, access can be granted to individual Portfolios by families and potential employers
  • a course finder
  • a noticeboard to communicate with your clients/students
  • and more…. with continuous improvements

We will keep you informed. In the meantime let us know if you have any queries or comments.


Bob Bredemeyer» Read More

What’s in a DISLIKE?

When we ask career seekers about their LIKES and DISLIKES, sometimes individuals give lots of DISLIKES. Of course most people have a few dislikes, but planning a career on overwhelming DISLIKES is not ideal.

In Career Voyage, when a DISLIKE response style is detected then the underlying algorithm sends a message to the Adviser (only) with some suggestions about how to handle the situation.

In 2016 we introduced pop-ups for users at screens 4/20, and 9/20 when responses reached 66% or more DISLIKEs. The pop-ups convey a gentle nudge to end users and gives three options, as follows:

We have now analysed results for a sample of 17,405 user records from year 2015 before the pop-ups were introduced, and compared them with a sample of 17,749 from 2016 after introduction of pop-ups.

The results are clear and helpful. The introduction of the pop-ups resulted in a 12% reduction in the » Read More

The Importance of LEVELS

Even politicians know the importance of education and training.

But when measuring occupational interests not everyone understands the central importance of Levels.

Suppose you were to ask a group of high academic achievers the following:

“As part of a future career would you LIKE or DISLIKE such work-activities as
– load and unload trucks
– go shopping for people who are too ill to go out
– set out goods on display shelves”.

Research clearly shows resulting profiles are highly skewed towards DISLIKE for high academic achievers.

Similarly, if you ask non-academic people if they LIKE or DISLIKE such work activities as

– design electronic circuit boards
– identify viruses in a laboratory
– write magazine articles

then the results again are highly skewed towards DISLIKE.

Now, getting negatively skewed profiles is very unhelpful for everyone. And basing career plans and occupational suggestions on DISLIKEs is very disappointing.

Career Voyage» Read More

Career Information Isn’t Enough

Planning your future career is tough.

Personal factors (interests, abilities, potentials, values, etc), the ever changing world of work, education and training, credible decision-making models: all these and more need to be taken into account. Just jumping into something you stumbled across is not likely to be optimal.

Strange, but some people think all you need is information. Especially for young people who are experiencing career planning uncertainty, more information typically means more confusion.

Yet we still hear the advice: “Can’t decide? OK here’s more information!”

That’s just not helpful!

Most young people (and many older citizens too) know the leisure activities they like (and dislike). Watching movies, sport, socialising with friends generally rate highly. The problem is that career seekers typically don’t know how leisure activities connect with the world of work.

What else is needed?

At the simplest conceptual level, good career planning needs to effectively involve

  • self-discovery
» Read More

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