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Career Compass

Career Compass for students 11-14 years is a fun, easy and intelligent way to explore suitable career pathways, make realistic plans and discover jobs of greatest interest.

For age group 11-14 years

  • Introductory Career Development
  • Guided exploration of suitable jobs
  • Student can read about jobs which capture their attention
  • Support wise subject choices
  • Generates an abundance of job suggestions
  • Suitable for both individuals and schools

When is the best time to start with career planning?

It’s never too soon to nourish children with career ideas.

Career Compass helps children to

  • learn about the world of work
  • explore the personal factors needed for different jobs
  • develop their Occupational Interest Profile
  • make sound subject choices leading to suitable pathways
  • become more motivated and focussed

Parents, Purchase a 30 Day Account at $19.95

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and get access to your adviser mode which allows you to manage all your students’ records. Prices vary according value. For average school price is around $5 per user account. Adviser Mode is free. 25% discount for Career Voyage customers.

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