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JIIG-CAL Australia is a world class career guidance software development organisation, successfully operating since 1992. At least annually it undertakes significant improvements and updating of software to meet the needs and expectations of career practitioners and their clients & students as well as the changing nature of the world of work.

Our dedicated and well qualified staff are here to ensure that services are quick and responsive to your needs. If you would like information about our products, please fill in the contact us form on this site, or send an email to info@jiig-cal.com.au (Career practitioners can contact us for a trial.)


Ivana always cheerful and capable of responding quickly to career practitioner requests for trials. Her experience and achievements both with us and in previous tourism, hospitality and marketing jobs make her a friendly, efficient and effective contact to discuss your career needs.

Cynthia is our customer care expert. She manages all subscription renewals, and assists tertiary institutions to harness the power of career planning software. She inspires our office with her cooking enthusiasm as she’s a big foodie.

Bob as Managing Director tries to ensure that all goes smoothly and seamlessly. He is our career guru and one of the company’s founders. Previously he worked as a registered psychologist and is still a keen tennis player.

Lily is a genius with figures. She is highly organised and super-efficient, making her the best accounts person you can get.

Kasun from Hello People provides IT consulting and software development.


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