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2016 CDAA National Conference recolection

I was pleased to be able to attend the CDAA Conference 2016 in Melbourne last week. Networking with three hundred delegates, as always, was an important component, while enjoying splendid facilities and smooth organisation. In the busy exhibition area amongst food and beverage, sixteen exhibitors showed a range of products and services.

In the first plenary Mark McCrindle provided not just entertainment, but also some useful statistics. For example, the CICA national survey (Nov 2014) highlights that 77% of practitioners nominated “Additional time to spend with students” as their top item to enhance their role.

It occurred to me that Career Voyage and Career Compass make big contributions towards this every day: career practitioners harnessing the power of high quality career planning software to both save time while increasing practitioner effectiveness. It amazes me that some organisations still expect career practitioners to work without effective tools (which of course would be regarded as stupidity in other professions, trades and crafts).

Implications of rapid changes in the world of work, particularly related to STEM were high on the agenda in concurrent sessions. Amongst lots of discussion about increases in rate of change in the world of work, Maxine McKew added the sobering perspective that the biggest time of change in recent history was (roughly) the period 1870 to 1935. From horses to motorised vehicles, mechanisation, flush toilets, etc, etc. Change isn’t so new!

Nevertheless, change continues to happen, and high quality career guidance tools and resources need to both keep pace and anticipate what’s coming. After all career guidance is about helping young people (and others) to relate to future work.


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