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Anxiety as a Career Blocker

Further to his paper presented to the 2018 national CDAA Conference in Hobart, Bob Bredemeyer has written a brief blog including useful Australian links and resources relating to anxiety. Click here to go to the blog. Comments and feedback welcomed. Send to: bob@jiig-cal.com.au

Research on Workplace Gender Differences

Gender differences in the workplace are never far from the news. Continuing sore points for women are income inequality and lack of appointments at senior levels.

But what are the underlying dynamics? More »

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  • What to Study When Today's Jobs may Not Be Around in 10 Year's Time.


  • Karen Van Es

    "Career Voyage Interest Guide and Job Suggestion Reports provide an excellent  starting point for students and occupations that suit them. The best tool about Career Voyage is the on-line results when counselling students and parents. A great tool for Career Advisers!"

    - Karen Van Es 

    NSW Career Adviser.

  • Kylie from WA

    "My son Jake has used his JIIG-CAL outcomes to apply for a program called instep with his school,  which places him in a work environment 1 day a week next year.  Both, Jake and the interviewers, have used the JIIG-CAL outcomes to assist in choosing an area that Jake would be most suited to. The software accuracy is amazing and it’s been very helpful!"

    - Kylie 

    Mum from WA.

  • Anne Ottaway

    " You guys are great. Thanks for all your support ingetting us up and running "
    - Anne Ottaway
    Lecturer / Polytechnic West.

  • Kerry Buckland

    " Career Voyage is perfect for Jobseekers who need guidance… I have been recommending it to others "
    - Kerry Buckland
    Training Facilitator, PVS Workfind

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